Wednesday, March 27, 2013

b or d?

Wow! This school year is simultaneously whizzing by and chewing up all of my time! It's been forever since I've seen the pages of my blog.

But now I'm on spring break and with a couple of house projects one house project finished and a serious dent in my Tivo list completed, it's time to spend a little time here. The kids don't have dance practice this week, so my biggest commitments are getting my hair done, renewing my driver's license, and going grocery shopping. The grocery shopping is already done! Is it a little ironic that I'm due for a hair appointment and renewing my driver's license in the same week?

I love spring break!  I wish we had it more often.

I've also been spending a little time working on new products for Teachers Pay Teachers.

The first one I've finished is designed to help students with b and d reversals. I have a few little ones who still really struggle with this. The activities are meant mainly for small group or one-on-one time, but could be put into a center once they have an almost firm grasp on b and d. Since repetition is the key here, all of these activities can be repeated again and again until b and d are solid.

To celebrate spring break, I'll give the B & Recognition Pack away to the first two commentors.  So leave your comment below.

If you are not one of the first two, I'm having a sale to celebrate spring break as well so you can grab this baby on sale.  My whole store will be 20% off! It will start tomorrow and run through Sunday, the 31st. We'll start the weekend early for those of you who are not on spring break this week.

See you around the school yard couch!