Monday, September 1, 2014

september currently

September is upon us, folks! Hopefully this means the weather will cool down ~ soon.  It's time for Farley's Currently.

Listening: I'm listening to my husband cook bacon. He's the best bacon chef in the house, with Heather coming in second place. I can cook bacon just fine, but they do it better.

Loving: Stephanie is on the JV volleyball team this year and her first game is on Friday. This year she plays in the regular gym (instead of the auxiliary gym), which is going to be a whole new level of excitement. I love watching her play.

Thinking: We've been in school a week and I'm still trying to figure my class out. They are a good class, but right now there's still a lot of sitting and staring at me.

Like I'm an alien.

Like they don't know what to think of me.


Wanting: I love my job and all, but let's be honest, who couldn't use a few more days off.

Needing: I have loads of laundry & other stuff around the house that needs to get done ~ that may or may not actually get done.

3 trips: My list is longer than three, but I'd love to go to New York, many countries in Europe, and New Orleans.

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