Saturday, May 12, 2012

steve urkle is in the house

Yesterday was field day. It was hot - more than 90 degrees. I might have been a little less than joyful about spending nearly the entire day outside.

During our first event of Steal the Bacon (hilarious game!), I notice this....

These three boys were participating with full gusto with their shirts tucked in and their shorts pulled up to their earlobes. The one on the left was flailing wildly around, but still able to be athletic about it.

I giggled to myself about it for a little while. I asked the one on the right what they were up to.  He gave me a nerdy smile and said it makes him run faster.

These boys were trend setters, let me tell you. Pretty soon I had a class full of boys trying to wear their shorts like halter tops.

Very interesting day, indeed.

I even managed to make it through the day without sunburn (thank you spf 55) and without a migraine (thank you preventative excedrin and lots of water).


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