Saturday, April 21, 2012

figure of speech review

We are approaching state testing. Blech! We just finished two weeks of what we call the Blitz (insert *jazz hands*). Basically, the blitz is an opportunity for the students to change classes four times a day (and pretend they are in middle school) while we furtively cram their brains with stuff they forgot review topics we've already taught. The kids loved it. I tolerated it.

One of my review sessions was figurative language. So after we did a few multiple choice questions I busted out the figurative language sort. 

In small groups, the kids sorted the terms, definitions, and three examples of each term.

This was a very engaging activity for the kids.

They certainly did have a good time doing it and worked so well together.

The figurative language sort is available at my TpT store.  I made several copies on colored paper so I could have five groups doing it at once, but you can just make one or two copies for a center activity.

I'm glad the blitz is over! No matter how much my class may get on my nerves from time to time, they are my class. We get each other. I'm glad we will be on a more normal schedule ~ for one more week before testing. My team wanted to switch again for math this coming week. I rolled my eyes and declined. They are doing it without me. I don't mind.


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