Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday night blues and new products

Spring Break is over. Sad face. 

Tomorrow we will slide back into our normal routine. No more late nights. No more late dinners. No more jammie days. 

Oh, who are we kidding? There will still be late nights and late dinners ~ but with early mornings that follow!

In the midst of finishing the yearbook {hallelujah!} I have been able to put a couple of new items together for my TpT store.  The first is a literacy center to practice spelling frequently used words. This will help those kiddos who are s.t.i.l.l. spelling words like does, friend, & they  wrong. Included is a practice mat, letter discs, word lists, and a recording sheet.  There are also blank lists so you can create individualized lists. The students select the discs that spell the target word and place them at the bottom of the stem to spell the word. The student then moves the letter up the stem to the flower while saying each letter. Then move the discs back down to the ground while saying each letter again. The student will write the word on the recording sheet without looking, then check it against the word list. On the back of the recording sheet is a place to write three sentences using at least one of the words in each sentence. Older students can be challenged to use more than one list word in each sentence. Click the picture to get this literacy center.

I also made a set of flash cards for fluency practice with the Dolch Phrases #49 - 96 with these cute little mice.

Phrases #1 - 48 are also available with adorable owls. I'm still working on the third set of phrases.

So, here's to well-behaved 4th graders after Spring Break!

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