Tuesday, October 9, 2012

passing notes & yellow pants day

Someone has been passing notes in class lately. 

This little someone is pretty sneaky too. 

I found this note on my desk one afternoon. This note came at just the right time ~ just when I was feeling a little frustrated and blue.

This little Shakespeare has left me several other notes as well.  All have some sort of sweet message. Today he requested to learn cursive soon.

In other, unrelated, news. One day the kids were coloring a series little of pictures that related to neighborhoods that they would later cut out and glue on a worksheet.  The Artist comes over to me and tells me her strategy for coloring these pictures. She explained that she used one color at a time, coloring everything in all the pictures that needed that color.

I told her what a great idea she had.

A little while later she showed me her work again and declared, "Look, it's yellow pants day!" Sure enough, all the people in the pictures had yellow pants.



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