Wednesday, January 2, 2013

january currently

I know I'm saying what millions are saying ~ Is it really January already? Seems like this just happened for 2012. Well there's no denying it. 

It's time for Farley's Currently party! Between being lazy about the laundry and all the new clothes my little fashionistas got for Christmas, I'm currently climbing Mt. Washmore!

Loving winter break ~ need I say more. We get two weeks for break and we don't go back until the 7th, which seems to be coming faster than I want.

Two weeks is not enough time to accomplish all of the things on my to do list. In my head, I always plan way more than I can possibly get finished. Then, I get a little overwhelmed and do almost nothing. Case in point, I left the classroom with not a lesson plan written down. Um...still haven't done them. I'm sure they will get done before Monday. The upside to this is that I get lots of rest.

One Little Word ~ I'm stealing Farley's. It just made sense. I am always telling my students and my own kids that life is all about choices. Our choices go a long way in determining any outcome. What choices will you make?

What's up for January in the the classroom? We will be studying penguins and continuing our money unit. We will also be finishing our adjective unit. In second grade, January has been the month for penguins for quite a while, but I am looking to spice it up a little with some new activities. What are you doing in January?



Janine said...

I love Farley's rule of three because it always gives me the chance to make new blogging buddies! I am loving your OLW, I wish I could choose wisely, but there is no way I could, lol! I go back on the 7th and I have to agree that it just isn't enough time. To top it off, I thought I packed what I needed to plan for next week, but I didn't... Oh well, it isn't like I haven't winged it before. I hope you come visit me at my little blog in the universe and Happy New Year!


The Kinder Garden said...

I didn't do any lesson plans either... brought some home with me and I haven't cracked it open yet! So I'm with you! :)


Heidi Harrell said...

Lesson plans.... yikes. Luckily we have a work day Monday to work on ours. So happy to find your blog through the linky! Love it! I am your newest follower!

The Convenient Teacher said...

Hi Andrea, I love your blog and was so happy to find it through the linky. I am now a follower.

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